Smell-o-vision at last! Domino’s releasing DVDs that smell like pizza

Mindy Leigh:

I’m sure you guys have heard of this, cause I know I have seen Tweets about it for the past week! I know I definitely have thought about smelling perfumes before making purchases online. Is this the future? Will we now be able to, not only buy, check and have everything delivered, but also smell with the click of a button?

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

pizzaPizza and a movie go together like love and marriage, a horse and carriage, right? So Domino’s Brazil has hit on a genius marketing campaign: DVDs that smell like pizza.

pizza dvdWorking with video rental stores in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Domino’s stamped DVDs with heat-sensitive thermal ink and scented varnish. Since DVDs and Blu-Ray players tend to get hot during operation, the discs warm up throughout the movie. By the time the movies ends and you pull the disc out, you’re both seeing an image of pizza on the DVD … and smelling what you could be tasting.

And, in thermal ink, a message invites you to enjoy your next movie with a “hot and delicious” pizza from Domino’s.

Here’s the video:

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That’s simply a brilliant marketing campaign. And a very savvy mixture of both high and very standard technology.

While broadband has killed the video rental store in…

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