9 Tech Millionaires Under Age 30

I found a link about the 9 Tech Millionaires on another WordPress blog, Ode to Capitalism, and I found it quite interesting because these people weren’t much older than me when they launched these sites! And even more impressive than their noteworthy ages, is that the sites that they are millionaires off of do not require their users to pay a fee to join. So I’m more than positive that without people like me, that enjoy the art of advertising and want to/do work in the field, Mark Zuckerberg and the other young entrepreneurs might not be as successful by means of a paycheck. So you are welcome millionaires! Both for being a member to half of those sites, as well as  making you money!

If you want to check out the graduates and dropouts, as well as their net worth’s, you can check them out here: 9 Tech Millionaires Under Age 30

9 Tech Millionaires Under Age 30

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