Go creatives! As someone who wants to be on a creative team for an advertising company, I think it’s important to remember this…even though some peopl don’t quite get. We know we do and we love it!

If you frequent the design world, chances are you have come across this quote (first used in an Apple commercial in 1997).  More than being inspirational, this quote is liberating and affirming to “creative” people.   Artists feel like they are “one of a kind” and completely individual (and, let’s be honest, that is a fun idea);  but in reality, there is a whole group of people who call themselves “artist” and “designer” and “creative writers” and “musicians” and “engineers” and “crafters” and “creative thinkers” and people who are ok with thinking outside the box…   who all band together under this banner of The Crazy Ones.  Proudly different.  Searching for new ways to look at life and to show others how beautiful this life can be.

Are you a Crazy One and proud?  What is your creative passion?

Poster designed by Jared McDaniel of Help Scout.

“The now iconic quote…

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