I think it’s really important that a business have a culture of their own. I try to include “my own culture” by putting my blogs and twitter on my resume. I definitely want to work somewhere with a strong culture, so it’s good to hear that it isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you don’t fit somewhere. As I’ve been applying to jobs, I’ve been very anxious, and it helps to hear that hearing back is normal because I know a lot of the places I’ve applied have excellent cultures.

David Cummings on Startups

Recently a team member was lamenting about how long it was taking us to fill a position. We had interviewed a number of qualified candidates, some even getting to the final stage of the process. Internally, I had to keep reiterating that these candidates were very strong but not perfect for us. Frustrating? Yes. The right thing to do? Absolutely.

The stronger the startup’s corporate culture the longer it takes to hire the right person.

The difference between a perfect fit and a good fit culturally is enormous. Every person that’s hired either makes the culture stronger or weaker — there’s no in between. Peter Drucker said it best: culture eats strategy for breakfast!

Longer to hire means longer to find the right candidate, on average, and not a longer interview process. When the right person is found, strong corporate cultures know it and act fast. When the company moves…

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  1. Culture strengthens an organization by insisting certain values or philosophies beneficial toward the function of the organization. Members of the organization will also feel more belonged if they practice those in-group cultures. Sometimes they serve as motivation, other times simply being an identity for the organization. At my workplace, we come in our favorite athlete team jerseys on Fridays.

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