Always Changing

In a world that is constantly changing technologies, it’s obvious that people will make other changes as well. Aesthetics change on us all the time as well, but how can they  not? Our fashions, homes and our logos are constantly changing to keep up. The  logo of Apple is a perfect example of logos changing with technology. First there was the hand drawn logo, then there was the technicolor apple displaying advances, and then there is the modern day logo. The modern logo is a three dimensional, shadowed apple that has the creative suite written all over it.

Here is the changing Canon camera logo, that actually hasn’t changed in a really long time. But interesting to see where were and where they are now. I think it’s really interesting to see how everyone has changed, because not only does it say something about where the company is now but it also resonates where they want to be and how they want to appear to their clients.

Here are some more logos. What do you think about how everyone has modernized their logos?

Always Changing

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