Have You Seen This?

Have you guys seen the rumored looks and heard about what the iPhone 5 can do? Well if half of what they are saying is true then there is going to be a crazy new phone on the market that is going to trump anything that we already know. I have an iPhone 4 myself, and I already wish I had a 4S because my phone has been amazing since I got it last year. Mainly, the thing I love most about it is that I am just an app away from ALL of my social media sites, and that is what I haven’t heard from iPhone 5 rumors, will this make my social experience better? easier? faster? Actually it probably will be faster, more memory and maybe even have mind reading capabilities…I’m just kidding about that last part. But really guys, take a look at the sleek design of this baby, and the funny comic at the bottom talking about what else they may be able to do.

I love the little * excerpt at the bottom right. But I do hope the “Masseause” app is NOT a joke 🙂

Have You Seen This?

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