GE Works Commercial

I’ve only seen the GE Works – Power and Beer commercial twice, but every time I have wondered about it. Not only because of the things that the GE products and workers can accomplish, but also because it was an unexpected thing: Power and Beer. The first time I saw it, I thought it was just a nice commercial with real GE workers telling their true stories. But then, half way into the commercial, I thought I was watching a Bud Light commercial. So the next time I watched it, I made sure to pay attention. And sure enough, the art of advertising displayed that you could not have a one without the other. Sure there would still be beer, but GE powered Bud Light beer? Maybe not!

So if you like Bud Light and you like your energy man run by trust worthy every day men, then this is the commercial, brew and energy company for you. And what a better way to promote GE and their beer brewing power than the Super Bowl? Which is exactly what they did.

GE Works Commercial

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