This is definitely a note worthy list. 29 Ways To Stay Creative is not only a compiled thing of greatness but a call to action for all those struggling with creativity. I will have to say 25 is my favorite!


StumbleUpon is my new buddy. I can be a bit ADHD at times, so it’s nice to find a site that caters to my–geez, I’m hungry.

So, I was stumbling upon many different book, gaming, and writing sites when I, well, stumbled upon one in particular.

It was a list of 29 Ways To Stay Creative. I didn’t get to save the link to give proper credit, but the image has on it, so I’m guessing whoever chose that snazzy name created it..

NOTE: I”m a huge fan of Rules 21 and 25, but y’all already know that. 🙂

Now, Mr. Paulzii certainly compiled a useful (if not somewhat obvious in places) list of ways to stay creative, but I’m sure we can all add to the list.

Please, share with us: how do you stay creative?

Me, I step away from my desk and play a videogame for…

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