Non-Traditional Advertising

This is one of my absolute favorites! It was for an art museum, and the slogan was "see the world through [artist's] eyes"

Non-traditional advertising is a little harder to do, but when done right, it usually leads to the desired kind of attention. Non-traditional advertising can be big, or small, funny or just eye catching. I have seen non-traditional advertisements on elevators, side walks, and bridges, but every time it surprises me. Non-traditional advertising goes beyond the standard print, billboard and television ads that we are accustomed to seeing in our every day lives, and they reach out to customers in uncommon ways by incorporating real life around them. These are my favorite kinds of ads, just for that reason.

Check out some of these creative advertisements, and definitely keep your eye out for ones in your area. I think the fun ones, are usually the best ones. So just thought I would share some of my favorite ads with you all today!

This was displayed in public bathrooms, and conveyed a message of saving the planet, but with the image of the well known continents. I thought it was clever, and of course I loved the eco-friendly spin!
Here is another ad that was used in bathrooms, or other public venues with mirrors. A good idea and excellent way of showing a "crash" before impact.
Mmmm sushi! And what better way to promote a "sushi-on-the-go" company than to put it on a mobile object. Makes me want to get some sushi, so I guess it's done its job!
Non-Traditional Advertising

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