“Fun-Size” Ads for Your Enjoyment

Bringing a whole new meaning to the well known "give me a break" advertising slogan of Kit Kat candy bars!

Not only do I LOVE Kit Kat’s but I also love non traditional advertising! These are some fun ads I found via a Tumblr page who also shares the same affinity for advertising culture. I don’t know about you but I think that these giant ads would be bound to catch some attention if you were zooming by in the next lane, they would definitely be worth slowing down for. My sweet tooth would probably be begging me to stop at the nearest gas station after seeing this guy in indulge in his candy, or after seeing this:

 Mmmmm! I mean honestly guys, could  you resist? I don’t know if it is because I gave up sweets for lent, or just because this is so brilliantly done, but I might have a panic attack if I was driving and saw this.



“More chocolate?” you say? Ok…y’all are probably beginning to think I’ve gone coo coo for CoCo Puffs at this point, but apparently chocolate companies like to advertise and display their products while also shipping them…or maybe they just like to torture me. That could be it too. Here is a picture of Ritter Chocolate truck ads.



And last but not least we have one more truck ad…this time it is not for a candy bar but for a car as small as one! Mini Cooper! How can that little edgy european looking car not have a cool ad? We know Fiat’s been working on it since the Super Bowl.

Feel free to share some of your favorite non-traditional ads! It’s always fun to see something so unexpected that draws in that every day life.

“Fun-Size” Ads for Your Enjoyment

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