These are just some of the retro ads Newsweek put in their recent issue, that I wrote about anticipating over a month ago. What do you guys think? Did these modern day companies and campaigns survive the Mad Men time vortex?

This Sunday evening on AMC, was the much anticipated return of Mad Men. The best show on TV, clearly.  Okay, can you tell we were excited? Were you?

Newsweek celebrated the return of the show with vintage inspired advertisements – a throw back to their advertising forefathers.  Some of the ads are originals from the period, but some are modern campaigns, reimagined as they would have been in the 1960’s.  Don Draper couldn’t have done better himself.


This would be Don Draper’s favorite, obviously.

There have been so many awesome Mad Men inspired things floating around the internet these days, here are a few more Joanna found!  Drink like Mad Men, dance like Mad Men, and the best one, Don Draper saying, WHAT?

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