One of my favorite advertising classes made us do this to begin our creative process. I definitely enjoyed that lesson and class! I think that a lot of people get into advertising or design fields of work because they are inspired by it, but then people end up doing different parts and kind of lose sight of that. Creativity is a huge part of my life and I still want there to be more of it! I think this is an excellent exercise and if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a go!


2 thoughts on “Innovation

  1. You are right. After you’ve been in the circle for awhile, you kinda get side-tracked by the routines of the job. It is important to constantly update ourselves with the creative process and current trends/cultures. Speaking of which, I should pick up a new book to read.

    1. If you haven’t read The Hunger Games I recommend it! I’m on the second book right now!
      But yes, this is definitely true! I think people get bogged down by routines, day to day and the stress that often comes with it.

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