Creative Bookstore Ads

Two of m favorite things: reading and advertising šŸ™‚

Atekka Iqbal

Identifying with characters in literature is the theme ofĀ ā€œBecome Someone Else,ā€Ā an enormously clever and elegant advertising campaign by Lithuanian advertising firmĀ Love Agency. It was created forĀ Mint Vinetu, a used bookstore in Vilinus that caters in classic books.

Every reader knows that when you read a book, you start living the story and identify with the characters in the book and this is why I love this concept.

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Creative Bookstore Ads

I love vintage stuff like this šŸ™‚


Well it sure is noĀ surpriseĀ that Iā€™m a sucker for some good old vintage packaging & perhaps top of the list? Campbellā€™s Soup.

Fifty years after Andy Warhol first displayed hisĀ 32 Campbellā€™s Soup Cans,Ā Campbell is celebrating the artist with a set of four limited-edition ā€œWarhol-inspiredā€ cans. & well, they look pretty great.

The cans will be sold exclusively at Target stores, USA, for 75 cents each. Which is pretty dam gutting for us Brits so best get starting up that Ebay account, quick!


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