Women in Marketing

In my office and even in my Mass Communications education courses, it was evident that if Advertising/PR were not already female dominated, they would be in a few years. Women are buyers and thinkers and more often than not, the larger target audience. So why would they not be controlling marketing and advertising?
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12249556680-resize-380x300Almost a third of all Americans are employed in marketing-related positions.  That’s a staggering number if you think about it.  And it is a path for women to grow up the corporate ladder.   A recent study by a recruiting firm found that more top executives have come out of marketing than of any other area.

Women have historically been employed in the retailing and advertising areas of marketing. But we now have moved into all types of sales and marketing positions.  Advertising has always been a home for women but men still dominate with 51.3% of the advertising workforce composed of men.  Of course, women only compose 3% of the creative directors of agencies, and that’s a complete travesty of consumer marketing.   Some 13.5% of all advertising persons are women who hold an high level role such as chair, CEO or managing director.  Women also held just 27.3% of…

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Women in Marketing