Hashtag Social Media – Why it’s so great!

So, I know some people are incredibly overwhelmed by all the Social Media that is out there right now. And I’m not saying it’s not. I mean really, with blogs, Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Snap Chat and even more new things emerging; it’s totally easy to let that get out of hand sometimes. I myself have EIGHT social media sites, including this blog, the above mentioned and a LinkedIn! My ex-boyfriend often thought I was crazy, but in his defense he was a Geology major and doesn’t even HAVE a Facebook! He doesn’t get it, obviously! And that’s fine that some people don’t get it, but when you do, it can be a really powerful tool. Why? Just look at how far social media has brought us in the last 5 years!

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough:
These new channels allow us to always be “on” and therefore always initiate that communication with the companies that we love! Local businesses, huge corporations, and celebrities are inclined to give us round the clock information. We literally have constant news flowing though our finger tips, both receiving and giving. I wouldn’t have been able to contact one of my favorite online clothing boutiques directly (other than an email that may or may not get answered right away), a couple years ago.

LuLu's Online Boutique answering my concern about sizing
LuLu’s Online Boutique answering my concern about sizing

New Jobs! Yay!
Social Media has created a whole new area of employment! What’s not to like about that? Sure, some people might not thing that qualifies as a real job, but they are for sure wrong. These people are constantly moving, interacting and trying to find new and exciting ways to reach consumers/fans. These are Community Managers and Digital Directors. They work on almost everything that is a direct contact with people just like you, every day! AND these are awesome jobs for young people! Not only are we already tweeting and blogging all day, but it’s a job that really is a LOT of fun and you can learn a TON. Awesome? I think yes!

Inside the Mind of a Community Manager
Inside the Mind of a Community Manager

Everyone’s Doing It

Ok, I know what you’re thinking – “If your friends jump off a bridge, will you do it too?” Guys, this isn’t about fitting in! This is just a new way of communicating and new lifestyle now. It’s  not becoming a part of our lives…it is a part of our everyday! You can no longer watch television, see ads or attend events, without some form of social media being pointed out! “We’ll be tweeting live during the show,” “Follow us on…,” and of course hashtags (####)! I mean it’s everywhere! You really just can’t avoid it anymore. Even if you wanted to, you can’t ignore that it’s a part of advertising, it’s a part of business, and it’s a part of communicating in general.

Facebook Stats and Numbers Via Mashable
Facebook Stats and Numbers Via Mashable

Social Media: It’s your public presence, and a great way to directly interact with others. So go out and use it to your advantage! Use for entertainment, communications, news and more! The possibilities are endless!

Hashtag Social Media – Why it’s so great!

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