Alumni Advantage

Texas Tech University does this great thing where they feature hard working alumni and their successes. When they asked me to write an article about how I achieved success despite what people kept telling me, I couldn’t believe it! What could I say to a college student that they hadn’t hear before? Well, I told them that it was okay to live in your parents’ guest room after college, it’s okay to not always have 3 internships, it’s perfectly acceptable for you not to have offers straight out of college! You can still be successful and end up where you want to be despite these minor hiccups. 

We aren’t supposed to have everything figured out straight out of college. Heck, I’m almost two years out of college and I still haven’t got everything figured out, but I am a lot closer! Life, especially post grad life, is about taking risks and doing what makes you happy, so don’t settle for anything less.

If you would like to read the entire article and others, please check out Texas Tech’s Alumni Advantage.

Alumni Advantage

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