Barbie is Unapologetic Over Controversial Campaign

Being a 90’s girl, I definitely loved my Barbies. And now that I am working in advertising, stuff like this always stands out! Love that they did this article from Barbie’s POV and pushed the issue with #unapologetic. Promotion, Fun and History all wrapped into one!

A Different Mind

Mattel sparked both controversy and confusion when they placed the iconic Barbie doll in Sports Illustrated’s 50th anniversary Swimsuit Issue. The ad placement includes a cover wrap on the outside of 1,000 copies of the magazine and a 4 page advertorial within. To commemorate the event, Barbie has introduced a limited edition Sports Illustrated doll, which is sold exclusively at Target. They also launched a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #unapologetic, which is the stance Mattel is taking on their choice to advertise with Sports Illustrated.


The SI Swimsuit Issue annually sparks conversation about how women are portrayed in the media and Barbie has famously been part of the same discussion. It almost seems natural that these two would join forces, despite the fact that one is targeted to adult men and the other appeals to young girls. Barbie’s blog, written from the doll’s POV, explains the connection:


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Barbie is Unapologetic Over Controversial Campaign