The End of the Beginning

Now that the intern program has been over for a couple of weeks and everyone has returned to school, it’s a little easier to reflect on the how the program went overall. Obviously, the other intern-coordinator and I had our work cut out for us. Building a program from almost scratch was definitely no easy task. As you may know from my past post about the program, we created the application portion of the website (fully equipped with descriptions and original graphics), we sourced every resume, we chose the top 2-3 candidates for every position, and we sat in on every interview then proceeded to make recommendations on who we thought should be hired. Happy H
But of course, it did not stop there. We found mentors for each intern, within our company who would not only serve as their supervisors, but also some one that they could really learn from and take away from the program.
This actually worked a lot better than we had hoped, because when the midway evaluations came along, we got positive reviews from both the interns and the mentors about their experiences with one and other.

The interns with our Chairman, Tony Dieste, and our CMO, Carla Eboli.
The interns with our Chairman, Tony Dieste, and our CMO, Carla Eboli.

Other than that, we also assigned the whole intern class with a group project to be presented at the end of their semester to the whole agency! Needless to day, they were a bit nervous, but overall they did very well.

Mariano and I thanking the whole agency for trusting us to carry out the program.

Even though Dieste primarily likes to have a summer intern program to help educate and support young students who are wanting to learn more about the industry, we as inter-coordinators, learned a lot! We learned how to present in front of leadership, manage not only our day to day jobs, but this “side” project as well, and, most importantly, we learned to manage people. This was great for me, because being an AAE, it is not something that I am able to do very often. Surprisingly, I think I’m cut out it for it more than I anticipated. But of course, this is something we definitely could not have done alone. We had the support of the whole leadership team, as well as all the mentors and HR! It was a great experience, not only for the interns, but for us too. And I’m happy to say, that two interns even got hired full-time! It was definitely successful!

College Day
Just some of our employees and interns showing off some school spirit!


The End of the Beginning

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