15 Digital Trends for 2015

The Digital world is no longer “emerging” ladies and gents – it’s HERE! And guess what? It’s here to stay! In advertising, in your office, and in your social life; the digital age has taken over our lives in almost every aspect. While there are some people, and companies that are slow to it, there is no doubt that they will eventually have to learn the ropes at some point. My fascination in digital has definitely sparked and grown over the past few years of working in agencies. However, working in more traditional channels, I have not had the opportunity to do a lot of hands-on work. I have been learning in my free time by reading things like this and other articles posted. How do you or your company practice digital knowledge? I’d love to hear!

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As 2014 draws to a close and 2015 rapidly approaches people are beginning to look at trends for the upcoming year. Below is an infographic from Bell Pottinger that predicts 15 digital trends for 2015. The infographic is marketing focused, but has some really interesting facts in it that will ultimately impact everyone whether you work in marketing and advertising or not. Things that jumped out at me were “Blog posts with visuals drive 180% more engagement on your site”, “NFC saw a 358% increase in use over the 2014 year”, and “Businesses with Blogs increased by 41% with the blog generating 67% more site traffic per month”.

Bell Pottinger Digital - 15 trends for 2015 infographic

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15 Digital Trends for 2015