St. Patty’s Day in “The Big D”

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With St.Patrick’s day approaching, the energy in Dallas is starting to shift from the drowsy city, caused by daylight savings time, to one that is ready to celebrate all weekend long! The Greenville Ave. St.Patrick’s Day parade has been going on for 32 years and has grown to have tens of thousands attendees. So Dallas, being the melting pot and business hub of the South West, you can bet this is a big event! And businesses are taking notice.

The Greenville Avenue Area Business Association responsible for putting on the parade has tried to make the event not only a neighborhood parade, like it was in the beginning, but to make this a city-wide experience for all Dallasites! (And yes, that is what I am referring to Dallas residents as). The parade has been dawned a new logo designed with the city syline which isn’t even necessarily right along the parade route. But hey, when you get nearly 100,000 in attendance, it’s clear that this is no longer a block party, and we are competing with other major cities and their cool parades!

The logo has been revamped, and there is a concert going on as well, with notable sponsors! Big deal here in the “Big D!” The concert is being put on by The Dallas Obsever, a local publication that tells you what’s going on in Dallas! You can learn all about the concert event here! Other than that I have only seen a Facebook page documenting needed parade info. Some of the sponsors include: Svedka Vodka, House of Blues, Budlight and more. Because if that many people are showing up to what used to be a neighborhood shindig, you want all of them seeing your name and using (or ahem, drinking) your product right? Jump on this pot of gold!

I attended Mardi Gras in New Orleans this year, and saw very little advertisements or retailer logos on the floats or on the goodies being thrown off of them. So this weekend, when I attend the St.Patrick’s parade in Dallas, I will be keeping my eyes peeled to see if Dallas follows the same suit for this different holiday, or if we are going to be taking advantage of the large crowd count in a different way.

Go Green or Go Home!

St. Patty’s Day in “The Big D”

Going Green in Advertising – Can it be done??

It’s been years since the “Go Green” movement began, and people started to make environmentally-conscious decisions in their homes and businesses.
Now it is a common occurrence in our every day life, to see hybrid cars on the roads and be advertised to by companies selling in on the “Eco-Friendly” trend. But are we truly seeing green advertising? Are the companies producing and creating in green efforts? Or are they merely just doing what they do best…Selling.

Sure there are “green advertisements,” like solar powered billboards and ones powered by produce, but as for overall advertising, as in the people who create it, it just hasn’t seemed to kick off yet! And why not? There’s plenty the hype, the ability, and even awards! Go Green Advertising Awards‘ program is an exclusive national-level competition recognizing organizations and agencies for outstanding creativity in advertising while being more conscientious towards our environment. However, all of these businesses must enter the awards, and it’s not exactly a nationally published program that everyone wants to be a part of…yet. But they are on to something great, for sure!

So far, the advertising business is about selling to the consumers, after all that is the whole reason the companies exist. Because of their consumers.

Since I have been working at an advertising agency, I can see how going green could be difficult. What with making copies for meetings, decks for presentations, print out references for clients’ approvals…it can be somewhat necessary at times. But it is also extremely wasteful at times! I can’t tell you how often I feel a little pain in my heart every time I need to print out a 20 page power point presentation for a room full of people, who will be seeing it on the presentation screen as well! I feel like the advertising industry easily takes out forests every day!! This is definitely not the part of advertising I was looking forward to when I decided to study it in college.

That’s why, some day, I hope that I can change that. I want to open an advertising firm that is as paperless, wireless and environmentally conscious as possible! An agency that is as green as the green companies it is representing and working for! Check out this California advertising company, Coco and Associates, that is doing their part. They even try to work by natural light and have as few personal interviews as possible to prevent pollution!  What an inspiration 🙂

Is it really as necessary to have a job documented in 4 different places-paper, computer, email, and personal copies- as the good ole’ advertising agencies that have hit it big, think? Are we too set in our ways to try? Come on people, come on advertisers….this CAN be done! Advertisers can go green; can’t we?

Going Green in Advertising – Can it be done??