The End of the Beginning

Now that the intern program has been over for a couple of weeks and everyone has returned to school, it’s a little easier to reflect on the how the program went overall. Obviously, the other intern-coordinator and I had our work cut out for us. Building a program from almost scratch was definitely no easy task. As you may know from my past post about the program, we created the application portion of the website (fully equipped with descriptions and original graphics), we sourced every resume, we chose the top 2-3 candidates for every position, and we sat in on every interview then proceeded to make recommendations on who we thought should be hired. Happy H
But of course, it did not stop there. We found mentors for each intern, within our company who would not only serve as their supervisors, but also some one that they could really learn from and take away from the program.
This actually worked a lot better than we had hoped, because when the midway evaluations came along, we got positive reviews from both the interns and the mentors about their experiences with one and other.

The interns with our Chairman, Tony Dieste, and our CMO, Carla Eboli.
The interns with our Chairman, Tony Dieste, and our CMO, Carla Eboli.

Other than that, we also assigned the whole intern class with a group project to be presented at the end of their semester to the whole agency! Needless to day, they were a bit nervous, but overall they did very well.

Mariano and I thanking the whole agency for trusting us to carry out the program.

Even though Dieste primarily likes to have a summer intern program to help educate and support young students who are wanting to learn more about the industry, we as inter-coordinators, learned a lot! We learned how to present in front of leadership, manage not only our day to day jobs, but this “side” project as well, and, most importantly, we learned to manage people. This was great for me, because being an AAE, it is not something that I am able to do very often. Surprisingly, I think I’m cut out it for it more than I anticipated. But of course, this is something we definitely could not have done alone. We had the support of the whole leadership team, as well as all the mentors and HR! It was a great experience, not only for the interns, but for us too. And I’m happy to say, that two interns even got hired full-time! It was definitely successful!

College Day
Just some of our employees and interns showing off some school spirit!


The End of the Beginning

Happy Fang Friday!


In honor of Fang Friday, a media stunt that True Blood uses of fans posting pictures across all social media with their “fangs” and hash tagging #showyourfangs in preparation of the Sunday’s debut of the new episode, I thought we could visit some other funny vampire advertisements!

Hope you guys enjoy!  V–V

Feel The Wind in Your Fangs - Mini Cooper teamed up with True Blood here to obviously sell to Vampires...and of course fans.
Feel The Wind in Your Fangs – Mini Cooper teamed up with True Blood here to obviously sell to Vampires…and of course fans.
Type G"O" - True Blood teamed up with Mini-Cooper to promote the show
Type G”O” – True Blood teamed up with Mini-Cooper to promote the show
True Blood promotional signs complete with stakes!
True Blood promotional signs complete with stakes!
Vampire Power ad - How much do you bleed?
Vampire Power ad – How much do you bleed?

Check out all the “10 Vampire ads That Don’t Suck,” here!

McTreat - A vampire ad from McDonald's Hong Kong.
McTreat – A vampire ad from McDonald’s Hong Kong.
Open at Night - Dental Clinic with some vampire friendly business hours
Open at Night – Dental Clinic with some vampire friendly business hours
Red Motor Oil - By Castrol Oil
Red Motor Oil – By Castrol Oil
Super Absorbent - O.B.'s Dracula ad. I know this one is kinda gross...but to each his own, Johnson & Johnson
Super Absorbent – O.B.’s Dracula ad. I know this one is kinda gross…but to each his own, Johnson & Johnson
Happy Fang Friday!

Hashtag Social Media – Why it’s so great!

So, I know some people are incredibly overwhelmed by all the Social Media that is out there right now. And I’m not saying it’s not. I mean really, with blogs, Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Snap Chat and even more new things emerging; it’s totally easy to let that get out of hand sometimes. I myself have EIGHT social media sites, including this blog, the above mentioned and a LinkedIn! My ex-boyfriend often thought I was crazy, but in his defense he was a Geology major and doesn’t even HAVE a Facebook! He doesn’t get it, obviously! And that’s fine that some people don’t get it, but when you do, it can be a really powerful tool. Why? Just look at how far social media has brought us in the last 5 years!

Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough:
These new channels allow us to always be “on” and therefore always initiate that communication with the companies that we love! Local businesses, huge corporations, and celebrities are inclined to give us round the clock information. We literally have constant news flowing though our finger tips, both receiving and giving. I wouldn’t have been able to contact one of my favorite online clothing boutiques directly (other than an email that may or may not get answered right away), a couple years ago.

LuLu's Online Boutique answering my concern about sizing
LuLu’s Online Boutique answering my concern about sizing

New Jobs! Yay!
Social Media has created a whole new area of employment! What’s not to like about that? Sure, some people might not thing that qualifies as a real job, but they are for sure wrong. These people are constantly moving, interacting and trying to find new and exciting ways to reach consumers/fans. These are Community Managers and Digital Directors. They work on almost everything that is a direct contact with people just like you, every day! AND these are awesome jobs for young people! Not only are we already tweeting and blogging all day, but it’s a job that really is a LOT of fun and you can learn a TON. Awesome? I think yes!

Inside the Mind of a Community Manager
Inside the Mind of a Community Manager

Everyone’s Doing It

Ok, I know what you’re thinking – “If your friends jump off a bridge, will you do it too?” Guys, this isn’t about fitting in! This is just a new way of communicating and new lifestyle now. It’s  not becoming a part of our lives…it is a part of our everyday! You can no longer watch television, see ads or attend events, without some form of social media being pointed out! “We’ll be tweeting live during the show,” “Follow us on…,” and of course hashtags (####)! I mean it’s everywhere! You really just can’t avoid it anymore. Even if you wanted to, you can’t ignore that it’s a part of advertising, it’s a part of business, and it’s a part of communicating in general.

Facebook Stats and Numbers Via Mashable
Facebook Stats and Numbers Via Mashable

Social Media: It’s your public presence, and a great way to directly interact with others. So go out and use it to your advantage! Use for entertainment, communications, news and more! The possibilities are endless!

Hashtag Social Media – Why it’s so great!

Working Girl – One Year Anniversary!

Well, two weeks ago I hit the one year mark at Group360 Worldwide! It really has flown by, faster than I thought it would for sure. I would have never thought of myself as starting a career in Plano, (15 minutes down the tollway from where I grew up), but I have had a chance to work on some pretty cool things so far!

My very first project to work on was the t-shirts for the Snapple sponsored “Steal the Base” kid challenge at Texas Rangers ball park! I actually remember going to a game and seeing the little kids on the jumbo-screening and being so proud. It was just a t-shirt, and I used to help with t-shirts in high school and in my college sorority, but I guess it was just cool to see something I did that so many other people also experience. And of course I was too high up to get a good shot!

Like I said, I couldn't snag a pic of the little base snaggers, but check out that outfield Snapple sign we also did!
Like I said, I couldn’t snag a pic of the little base snaggers, but check out that outfield Snapple sign we also did!

Another big gig I’ve worked on, that also was a major bilingual piece was 7UP’s Latin Grammy promotion, with Enrique Iglesias as the face of it. Dr Pepper Snapple Group sure does love it when they get to work with artists! And even though we didn’t meet Enrique (darn!), we did get to do some fun creative, and talk to “his people,” which if you haven’t worked with artists before, it’s a big process because not only do you need your company, you client, and Latin Grammy’s approval on everything you put their name on, but the artist has to approve just about every piece with his name or image on it. Lots of cooks in these advertising kitchens, folks! But rightfully so, because it was a HUGE project! My company alone worked on the artwork that went on packaging, point of sale pieces, merchandise, street party signs, and even merchandise “swag”!

This is the artwork that our great Plano creative department created for the 2012 promotion. Wait until you see what we have in store for this year!
This is the artwork that our great Plano creative department created for the 2012 promotion. Wait until you see what we have in store for this year!

Anyways, besides these jobs, there have been lots of small lessons I have learned along the way. College was definitely the right choice for me and for many, if you want to get into most careers these days, but honestly, I would say the bulk of what you learn happens on the job. And as a college student, I would hear that and almost get frustrated that I was drowning in loans but the learning didn’t start till after! But that isn’t true either. The basis of the learning starts in school, and many companies will not look your way unless you have a degree! One of my biggest lessons and experiences so far is the one that I am taking on now.

A week before my 1 year mark at Group360 our CFO came in to discuss a reorganization that the company was about to be undergoing. Evidently, they were bringing it more people, moving positions around and promoting people. I was one of them! I am now going to be a Lead Project Coordinator, and for the first time in my life (if you don’t count lead hostess or toddler cheer coach), I am managing people! It’s going to be quite a journey, and for the past 2 weeks, it has been going well. But I will say there is A LOT more work and A LOT more responsibility now. I can only hope and work that I can be the best I can be at it!

This is our St. Louis! I haven't been there yet, but I hear it's a pretty awesome office! Don't you think?
This is our headquarters…in St. Louis! I haven’t been there yet, but I hear it’s a pretty awesome office! Don’t you think?

I don’t know if I will be working at Group360 in 2 years, or if I will be in Dallas for years to come. Heck! I don’t even know what I am wearing to work tomorrow! What I do know, is that I have worked on some cool stuff, with some great people, won an iPad at our company Christmas party, and that I have been really lucky to have Group360 be my first place of “big girl” employment for the past year.

Cheers fellow young professionals and Group360 for the opportunity!
Cheers fellow young professionals and Group360 for the opportunity!

Here’s to my one year, being young and the years and careers to come!





Working Girl – One Year Anniversary!

Women in Marketing

In my office and even in my Mass Communications education courses, it was evident that if Advertising/PR were not already female dominated, they would be in a few years. Women are buyers and thinkers and more often than not, the larger target audience. So why would they not be controlling marketing and advertising?
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The Lipstick Economy

12249556680-resize-380x300Almost a third of all Americans are employed in marketing-related positions.  That’s a staggering number if you think about it.  And it is a path for women to grow up the corporate ladder.   A recent study by a recruiting firm found that more top executives have come out of marketing than of any other area.

Women have historically been employed in the retailing and advertising areas of marketing. But we now have moved into all types of sales and marketing positions.  Advertising has always been a home for women but men still dominate with 51.3% of the advertising workforce composed of men.  Of course, women only compose 3% of the creative directors of agencies, and that’s a complete travesty of consumer marketing.   Some 13.5% of all advertising persons are women who hold an high level role such as chair, CEO or managing director.  Women also held just 27.3% of…

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Women in Marketing

Networking – What Goes Around Comes Around

Happy 2013 Everyone!

So far the year is off to a good start, both for new beginnings and continued education. For example I have been asked to participate in my alma mater’s career development conference for Texas Tech’s College of Media and Communications. I could not be happier to be helping my fellow alumni put on such a great event, as well as helping those soon to be grads who are just like me a year ago…looking for a job!

It is a week from tomorrow and it is held in Dallas rather than Lubbock for those students who are still on their winter break. There are so many Tech alums working in Dallas as well as so many students from areas around the metroplex, so it’s great that they are able to pull that off. In the year I have been graduated (sometimes I cannot believe it has been a whole year!), I have had the pleasure of getting to work and network with some great alums who have either offered an encouraging word, given some great advice or have led me to another great professional to learn from. And I can definitely say that it helped me in getting the job I have now at Group360 Worldwide.

And now I hope that I may have something to offer to these recent grads and current students! I absolutely love that Tech has this event and that they are so active in getting feedback. And not only that but that they want to have young professionals like myself be there to offer a different perspective and closer relation.
I’ll admit that I am still fairly new to the work world, and may not know exactly what I am talking about when it comes to being a years of expire nice and owning my own business…yet. But I do know how frustrating it is to apply and apply and apply and not know what you are doing wrong. I know what it’s like to work hard to get somewhere. I know what it is like to put yourself through college! So hopefully I will be able to help someone else in their small struggle in accomplishing the goal of entry level employment.

Stay tuned and I will tell you about the conference! Wreck ‘Em Tech!

Networking – What Goes Around Comes Around

Going Green in Advertising – Can it be done??

It’s been years since the “Go Green” movement began, and people started to make environmentally-conscious decisions in their homes and businesses.
Now it is a common occurrence in our every day life, to see hybrid cars on the roads and be advertised to by companies selling in on the “Eco-Friendly” trend. But are we truly seeing green advertising? Are the companies producing and creating in green efforts? Or are they merely just doing what they do best…Selling.

Sure there are “green advertisements,” like solar powered billboards and ones powered by produce, but as for overall advertising, as in the people who create it, it just hasn’t seemed to kick off yet! And why not? There’s plenty the hype, the ability, and even awards! Go Green Advertising Awards‘ program is an exclusive national-level competition recognizing organizations and agencies for outstanding creativity in advertising while being more conscientious towards our environment. However, all of these businesses must enter the awards, and it’s not exactly a nationally published program that everyone wants to be a part of…yet. But they are on to something great, for sure!

So far, the advertising business is about selling to the consumers, after all that is the whole reason the companies exist. Because of their consumers.

Since I have been working at an advertising agency, I can see how going green could be difficult. What with making copies for meetings, decks for presentations, print out references for clients’ approvals…it can be somewhat necessary at times. But it is also extremely wasteful at times! I can’t tell you how often I feel a little pain in my heart every time I need to print out a 20 page power point presentation for a room full of people, who will be seeing it on the presentation screen as well! I feel like the advertising industry easily takes out forests every day!! This is definitely not the part of advertising I was looking forward to when I decided to study it in college.

That’s why, some day, I hope that I can change that. I want to open an advertising firm that is as paperless, wireless and environmentally conscious as possible! An agency that is as green as the green companies it is representing and working for! Check out this California advertising company, Coco and Associates, that is doing their part. They even try to work by natural light and have as few personal interviews as possible to prevent pollution!  What an inspiration 🙂

Is it really as necessary to have a job documented in 4 different places-paper, computer, email, and personal copies- as the good ole’ advertising agencies that have hit it big, think? Are we too set in our ways to try? Come on people, come on advertisers….this CAN be done! Advertisers can go green; can’t we?

Going Green in Advertising – Can it be done??

Tech Mass Comm Gets It

As a December graduate still eager and looking to find work I couldn’t pass up the chance of going to the Texas Tech Mass Communications Career Conference. It was hosted today by several big name alums that were there to help, answer questions and network with juniors, seniors and recent graduates of the Mass Comm college. While I was expecting a simple meet and greet over modest h’orderves, it turned out to be surprisingly beneficial and intriguing. And even though I didn’t leave with a job, I was the last student (or recent alum), there exchanging contact information. I was truly impressed by the alumni that Tech students have to rely on, today. It honestly makes me wonder about other universities as well as other colleges within Tech…do they have it as good as we do?
I guess what I want to say after all this is “Thank you” to everyone I met, and that has been willing to help along the way.

Tech Mass Comm Gets It