Hidden Storybook Characters for Colsubsidio Book Exchange

As an advertising professional, and a lover of the well known children’s books that shaped my childhood, I can definitely appreciate these beautifully done advertisements. Way to go Lowe/SSP3!

A New Hype

See if you can find them!

Snow White and Sherlock Holmes

With a tagline “Come with a story and leave with another,” Colsubsidio worked with Lowe/SSP3, an ad agency in Bogota, Columbia to come up with these clever advertisements that will make you do a double-take. They are meant to illustrate a service Colsubsidio’s libraries provide, namely a book exchange. By taking classic storybook characters like Snow White, Harry Potter and Red Riding Hood and then hiding other characters within them, they ask the viewer to conjure up memories of some other notable characters. Love the minimalist nature of these.

Harry Potter and Troy

Little Red Riding Hood and Moby Dick


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Hidden Storybook Characters for Colsubsidio Book Exchange

A Retro Challenge

1964 cover of the former first lady

As the saying goes, history always repeats itself. But when it’s somewhere unexpected, it usually seems to catch more attention. When I see people dressed in retro fashion, I merely think that they got a good buy at a thrift store and move on. But when I see things like vintage looking movie posters for modern day films, I’m instantly more intrigued. This is exactly why I think Newsweek magazine is going to do well next month with their March “Mad Men” issue. Newsweek plans on making the whole issue, cover to cover, in a 1960’s layout, hoping to also include the advertisements. Newsweek is doing this for the season five premiere of the show next month, as well as a reminder that Newsweek was “on the cultural forefront at the time of the show.”

The Mad Men cast

Newsweek is really hoping they can pull off the ads to really pull the whole issue together. But things have changed since that time, in the ad world. For example, the “Mad Men”-themed issue won’t be able to include one big category of the 1960’s: tobacco advertisements, which Newsweek no longer accepts. But they are trying to interest other marketers to revive their ads from that time or imagine what their ads would’ve looked like in those days.

“We’ve challenged agencies and clients to do ’60s-inspired creative, but for modern messages and products,” said Rob Gregory, president at Newsweek Daily Beast.

I’m really excited to see what this issue will look like and if they will be able to get all their clients on board.

Some 1960
A Retro Challenge

Follow the yellow brick…

To most people that know me, it is no secret that I am a big fan of big color! And one catalog that caught my eyes a few years ago has never left my mind because of the colors and the theme. The 70 year anniversary of The Wizard of Oz was celebrated by Tarina Tarintino’s Wizard of Oz jewlery collection. It is one of the most beautifully photographed catalogs I’ve ever seen, and after seeing it I definitely purchased a piece of the collection because it was fun, flirty and reminded me of a great memory from my childhood. I bet many women my age and older took part in the collection as well.

Follow the yellow brick…