15 Digital Trends for 2015

The Digital world is no longer “emerging” ladies and gents – it’s HERE! And guess what? It’s here to stay! In advertising, in your office, and in your social life; the digital age has taken over our lives in almost every aspect. While there are some people, and companies that are slow to it, there is no doubt that they will eventually have to learn the ropes at some point. My fascination in digital has definitely sparked and grown over the past few years of working in agencies. However, working in more traditional channels, I have not had the opportunity to do a lot of hands-on work. I have been learning in my free time by reading things like this and other articles posted. How do you or your company practice digital knowledge? I’d love to hear!

15 Digital Trends for 2015

Creatives Reboot Through Travel

Personally, I think this is a WONDERFUL idea. The main excuses that people don’t travel more are money and time. And here, this agency is enabling wanderlust! It’s amazing that no one else has thought of this sooner. For one, it is such a good thing to learn about other cultures and countries, but also, the inspiration and enlightenment of it all is very important – especially for people who work in a creative industry! Kudos to thinkParallax! If there was an award for best employee morale, they would probably take the cake.

Up and Gone

Anyone who has traveled anywhere knows that it’s pretty much impossible to go away and not come back changed in some way. Maybe it’s a fresh new outlook. Maybe it’s a spark of inspiration. Maybe it’s an openness to something you’d been closed to before. Whatever it is, it can rock you out your ruts and get you going with new fervor. And that’s exactly what ad agency thinkParallax is trying to do, by offering their employees $1,500 and a free paid vacay day to go on a trip.

The one “catch” (if you even want to call it that), is that employees have to blog about their experiences.The blogs are fascinating—filled not only with ideas and inspirations from the countries the creatives are visiting, but also with reflections about working and how different cultures approach their jobs. From the PARALLAXploration blog: “The goal of PARALLAXploration is not only to ensure happy employees…

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You Can Run But You Will Never Escape it!


Unlike most people, I don’t find much advertising that annoying. I can watch commercials, I don’t mind website banners, I actually really love print. But this is just beyond anything like that. This new family board game, which came out last year, revolves around certain brand name logos. People thought they could get away from advertising by having DVR, by creating pop up blockers, but now one of the ultimate versions of advertising has moved into our entertainment block. Not only that, but the families that do purchase this will end up creating brand loyalty in their children and maybe even themselves through recognition without even realizing it. Depending on how popular or successful this is, we will probably start to see advertising emerging from different mediums. And what’s wrong with that? Nothing! Cause that means that me and people like me will always have a job! Go advertising!

You Can Run But You Will Never Escape it!

Barbie is Unapologetic Over Controversial Campaign

Being a 90’s girl, I definitely loved my Barbies. And now that I am working in advertising, stuff like this always stands out! Love that they did this article from Barbie’s POV and pushed the issue with #unapologetic. Promotion, Fun and History all wrapped into one!

A Different Mind

Mattel sparked both controversy and confusion when they placed the iconic Barbie doll in Sports Illustrated’s 50th anniversary Swimsuit Issue. The ad placement includes a cover wrap on the outside of 1,000 copies of the magazine and a 4 page advertorial within. To commemorate the event, Barbie has introduced a limited edition Sports Illustrated doll, which is sold exclusively at Target. They also launched a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #unapologetic, which is the stance Mattel is taking on their choice to advertise with Sports Illustrated.


The SI Swimsuit Issue annually sparks conversation about how women are portrayed in the media and Barbie has famously been part of the same discussion. It almost seems natural that these two would join forces, despite the fact that one is targeted to adult men and the other appeals to young girls. Barbie’s blog, written from the doll’s POV, explains the connection:


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Barbie is Unapologetic Over Controversial Campaign

Moscow Subway Promotes Exercise and the Olympics!

A very special machine in Moscow, Russia is accepting squats and lunges in exchange for a ticket to promote exercise and the Olympics.
What a great idea!! Everyone can stand to be a little healthier, and why not? You get a free ticket in exchange for burning some calories. I think that more ideas like these need to be implemented into our every day lives.

If you would like to read more about this machine, click here: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/video-subway-ticket-machine-moscow-2784568


Alumni Advantage

Texas Tech University does this great thing where they feature hard working alumni and their successes. When they asked me to write an article about how I achieved success despite what people kept telling me, I couldn’t believe it! What could I say to a college student that they hadn’t hear before? Well, I told them that it was okay to live in your parents’ guest room after college, it’s okay to not always have 3 internships, it’s perfectly acceptable for you not to have offers straight out of college! You can still be successful and end up where you want to be despite these minor hiccups. 

We aren’t supposed to have everything figured out straight out of college. Heck, I’m almost two years out of college and I still haven’t got everything figured out, but I am a lot closer! Life, especially post grad life, is about taking risks and doing what makes you happy, so don’t settle for anything less.

If you would like to read the entire article and others, please check out Texas Tech’s Alumni Advantage.

Alumni Advantage

Tech Center in Your Purse!

So, I have a subscription to this online website, PureWow, that is just awesome. So far I love it! They send me daily emails about everything from recipes, to fashion, to things to do in your city, and even tech! I find out about so many new and fun things and wanted to share some of the articles on here.

One of them is Tech Gadgets for Your Purse! I think this is just so fun, because not only do I love my technology and purses, but I really like the way they break this down by “what kind of person you are.” I mean I’m not saying everyone is going to fit in these categories, but if you’re like me (working a 9-5, trying to stay in shape, but still want to look good), then you need some tech help every now and then to stay organized! So look at the little excerpt below, and if you’re interested in reading the whole article and checking out all the cool gadgets (that you’ll find you might need) then click on one of the links!


Your purse is your mobile command center. (You should be able to live out of that thing for a least a week.) But it’s not all Mentos and lipstick–read on for the 30 tech items you’ll want to toss in your bag this season, whether you’re sporting a tiny crossbody or a dusty rucksack.

More Purses on PureWow for "The Minimalist," "The 9 to 5er," "The Gym Fiend," and "The Adventurer"!
More Purses on PureWow for “The Minimalist,” “The 9 to 5er,” “The Gym Fiend,” and “The Adventurer”!

Read more: http://www.purewow.com/30days_Techthatfitsinpurse#ixzz2cWq9il2d

Tech Center in Your Purse!