Networking – What Goes Around Comes Around

Happy 2013 Everyone!

So far the year is off to a good start, both for new beginnings and continued education. For example I have been asked to participate in my alma mater’s career development conference for Texas Tech’s College of Media and Communications. I could not be happier to be helping my fellow alumni put on such a great event, as well as helping those soon to be grads who are just like me a year ago…looking for a job!

It is a week from tomorrow and it is held in Dallas rather than Lubbock for those students who are still on their winter break. There are so many Tech alums working in Dallas as well as so many students from areas around the metroplex, so it’s great that they are able to pull that off. In the year I have been graduated (sometimes I cannot believe it has been a whole year!), I have had the pleasure of getting to work and network with some great alums who have either offered an encouraging word, given some great advice or have led me to another great professional to learn from. And I can definitely say that it helped me in getting the job I have now at Group360 Worldwide.

And now I hope that I may have something to offer to these recent grads and current students! I absolutely love that Tech has this event and that they are so active in getting feedback. And not only that but that they want to have young professionals like myself be there to offer a different perspective and closer relation.
I’ll admit that I am still fairly new to the work world, and may not know exactly what I am talking about when it comes to being a years of expire nice and owning my own business…yet. But I do know how frustrating it is to apply and apply and apply and not know what you are doing wrong. I know what it’s like to work hard to get somewhere. I know what it is like to put yourself through college! So hopefully I will be able to help someone else in their small struggle in accomplishing the goal of entry level employment.

Stay tuned and I will tell you about the conference! Wreck ‘Em Tech!

Networking – What Goes Around Comes Around