Pinterest and The Bloggosphere


It’s definitely crazy how much this social media site has grown so quickly! Especially when I think of the people I know who use it…twenty and thirty something females! Just about every sorority girl I knew in college had one and would look through the pictures for new recipes and DIY project ideas. I personally only know less than a hand full of men who use the site. It’s almost puzzling but still remarkable, nonetheless, how this sensation has grown almost over night!

Our Digital Life

I have recently joined Pinterest but I am still figuring out how to use it.  Pinterest is the hottest new social network on the web. Last I heard there were 4 million active users on Pinterest with 100s more being added everyday.  The point of Pinterest is to ‘pin’ items you like to virtual ‘boards’ that are set up or that you create.  With the overwhelming majority being female, the site has gained a ton of traction among photo, quote and meme creators much like tumblr or other micro blog sites.

However, the inherent value in Pinterest is not just the social ‘pin’ and ‘repin’ from users.  Many brands are beginning to use Pinterest as a way to expand on their brand or blog with photos.  This also makes the blog or brand that much more social as users can follow, ‘pin’ and ‘repin’ individual posts.  Design Sponge took some…

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Pinterest and The Bloggosphere