Tech Center in Your Purse!

So, I have a subscription to this online website, PureWow, that is just awesome. So far I love it! They send me daily emails about everything from recipes, to fashion, to things to do in your city, and even tech! I find out about so many new and fun things and wanted to share some of the articles on here.

One of them is Tech Gadgets for Your Purse! I think this is just so fun, because not only do I love my technology and purses, but I really like the way they break this down by “what kind of person you are.” I mean I’m not saying everyone is going to fit in these categories, but if you’re like me (working a 9-5, trying to stay in shape, but still want to look good), then you need some tech help every now and then to stay organized! So look at the little excerpt below, and if you’re interested in reading the whole article and checking out all the cool gadgets (that you’ll find you might need) then click on one of the links!


Your purse is your mobile command center. (You should be able to live out of that thing for a least a week.) But it’s not all Mentos and lipstick–read on for the 30 tech items you’ll want to toss in your bag this season, whether you’re sporting a tiny crossbody or a dusty rucksack.

More Purses on PureWow for "The Minimalist," "The 9 to 5er," "The Gym Fiend," and "The Adventurer"!
More Purses on PureWow for “The Minimalist,” “The 9 to 5er,” “The Gym Fiend,” and “The Adventurer”!

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Tech Center in Your Purse!