In honor of it being Friday tomorrow, I just thought I’d put out this fun post I found through another WordPress blog! It’s funny because now that I’ve been working at my office for nearly a month I can definitely relate to some of these! Enjoy 🙂

Famous Artists are Dissected

Don’t YOU remember the smell and look of the lifeless frogs in your high school class? I couldn’t forget this. That’s one reason I LOVE these ads for the MASP Art School! They combine some of my favorite things: ART, ADVERTISING, and SOUL. And just like the memory of the frogs, I remember the first time I ever saw a Salvador Dali painting and how it made me feel. I love the soulful rendition of these artists, and doesn’t it make you want to be an artist too??

A New Hype

They’re instantly recognizable artists – Dali, Van Gogh and Picasso – and now their likeness is the inspiration for a new ad campaign for MASP Art School. Like that unfortunate frog you dissected in high school Biology class, these dead artists have been pinned down and are ready for inspection. Look closely and you’ll see their insides, only their organs are different than the average person’s. In fact, it appears that their artistic talent truly came from within. Brilliant idea and execution with a simple tagline: “MASP Art School. Open enrollment.”


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Famous Artists are Dissected